Containers Perfectly Matched To Your Needs

Action provides the ideal container to get your job done, on a temporary or ongoing basis. Talk to your Action representative and we will tell you more about your options.

Choose from –

Mini Containers

1/2 Yard A-Frame Container

Action 0.5Yard A Frame Container

1/2 Yard Container

Action 0.5Yard Pipe Style Container


1 Yard Container

Action 1Yard Rear Load Container

1.5 Yard Container

Action 1.5Yard Rear Load Container

2 Yard Container

Action 2Yard Rear Load Container

3 Yard Container

Action 3Yard Rear Load Container

4 Yard Container

Action 4Yard Rear Load Container

6 Yard Container

Action 6Yard Rear Load Container

8 Yard Container

Action 8Yard Rear Load Container



Action Toters2018

Open Top Roll-Off Containers

10 Yard Container

Action Roll Off 10 yard

Weight Capacity- 3900LBS

20 Yard Container

Action Roll Off 20 yard

Weight Capacity 5000LBS

30 Yard Container

Action Roll Off 30

Weight Capacity 5600LBS


Efficient Compactors, Expert Installation

Action maintains a full welding and fabrication facility that is equipped to custom design, construct and install any size compaction equipment to meet a customer-specific application. We offer this equipment through sale, lease and rental programs and provide complete, expert installation services.

Action Self Contained 2 RR

self-contained-compactors measurements