Material Recovery Facility

The future of waste collection relies on recycling. At our 3 strategically located material recovery facilities (MRF), we engage in the processing of single-stream recyclables to recover paper, cardboard, plastics, tin, and aluminum. Action/IWs have decades of experience in operating recycling facilities including our state of the art Bronx MRF, which is the most modern and efficient in the region.

The operation of this type of facility allows IWS/Action to process and market recyclables from the solid waste stream, ultimately reducing dependency on our nation’s diminishing landfill capacity.

MRF cardboard recycling MRF sorter MRF recycled paper

Mixed waste is transferred from all over the region where it is processed and separated at our state of the art facilities.

 Through automation and technology, recyclables are separated from comingled waste, to be processed and reused. Cardboard , paper, aluminum, tin and plastic are baled and ready to market by using the most modern technology and equipment.

One of a Kind Bronx Recycling Facility

Our Award-Winning Material Recovery Facility

At our state-of-the-art Material Recovery Facility (MRF), we engage in the processing of paper, cardboard, plastic, and metal. Our team has decades of experience in operating facilities and our innovative Bronx site is the only one of its kind metropolitan area.

One of a Kind MRF - This recycling center is unique because we can remove recyclable material from the waste stream prior to disposal. Meaning that we can process what would have been deemed garbage/MSW through our machines to extract higher quality recyclables out of the waste stream, materials that would have otherwise been landfilled.

Customer Benefits - In addition to preserving landfill capacity, this process assists in our continuing efforts to control overall costs for our customers, and allows customers to use one bin for single-stream recycling.

Technology – This MRF is outfitted with advanced optical sorting technology. This optical sorting technology recognizes and separates the different types of recyclable. Our optical sorter uses infrared technology to detect and separate all seven grades of plastics, white paper from mixed paper, cardboard from the rest, and metal.

Award Winning - In early 2014, this facility received recognition at the Global Green Sustainable Design 14th Annual Awards for increasing recycling of valuable materials citywide. Read about our award here.

Watch the MRF in action

Jersey City MRF

State-of-the-Art Recycling Facility

Our Jersey City Material Recovery Facility is the newest MRF in our portfolio. In an effort to reach the new contamination standards, this smaller scale operation allows us to create a cleaner grade of product by focusing more on certain materials like paper and cardboard. By processing smaller tonnage amounts we can achieve a higher grade of paper/cardboard.

Airmont Material Recovery Facility

The Paper Sorting Powerhouse

Our Airmont MRF specializes in sorting office paper, shredded paper, and cardboard. Cardboard and paper recyclables are the most sought-after materials so having this specialized facility allows us to keep the product uncontaminated and ensures higher recycling rates.